The story about K'Lang

K’lang Adventure founded in 2023 is a subsidiary of TAAD Group.  We aim to become a leading travel and tourism enterprises in the Southeast Asian, developing sustainable tourism - experiential tourism.


During 13 years of establishment and development, we are headquartered in Vietnam, the US, and Mexico, with 5 large textile factories and 7 member companies, TAAD Group has become a reputable partner in these fields: Fashion & Garment Export, Real Estate, Transportation, Travel Services. Oriented to a strategy of sustainable development and continuous innovation, we are always confident in providing our partners and customers with the most complete and perfect products, services and experiences.


Choosing Tay Giang, Quang Nam - The land of original beauty to implement a project to develop sustainable tourism and recover the cultural identity of the Cotu people, TAAD Group decided to establish Trade Investment Joint Stock Company. K'lang Adventure Tourism Development and Trade.

Our investment fields include:

1. Hotel

  • Accommodation: 

K'lang Retreat Luxury Eco-Resort Resort

Azaleas Glamping Resort

Community tourism

  • Homestay

2. Travel:

  • Adventure travel to explore nature
  • Travel to experience cultural discovery


Định hướng trở thành doanh nghiệp phát triển Du lịch Bền vững – Du lịch Trải nghiệm mang tầm cỡ khu vực Tứ Giác Đông Nam Á. K’lang Adventure sẽ đồng hành trong sứ mệnh đưa Tây Giang trở thành một trong những điểm đến thu hút khách du lịch trong và ngoài nước về du lịch xanh mang đậm chất liệu văn hóa bản địa đặc sắc hàng đầu Quảng Nam.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

This season – as the first blossoms of spring spark feelings of joy and renewal - we celebrate the

exceptional natural environments across the globe that K’Lang Adventure calls home.