Culture & Conservation

Tay Giang and Quang Nam culture is closely associated with the Co Tu people and the culture of forest protection. The journey to Tay Giang is not only interesting because of the original primitiveness of the scenery but also impressive and valuable because of the unique cultural highlights.

Tay Giang mountainous culture has the true and profound colors of Co Tu culture, resonating with the culture and lifestyle of appreciating nature and obeying the forest god, expressed through the tradition of forest guarding maintained in the region. for hundreds of years. Subtle artistic and cultural colors in Tay Giang possess an attractive mass appeal: traditional arts and culture, knitting culture, and sculpture reflect lifestyle and customs.

Tay Giang culture, after 60 years of establishment and 20 years of re-establishment, always needs attention and preservation from localities and responsible units. Exploiting sustainable tourism in Tay Giang is an act of promoting and preserving the unique culture right from the native region, travel lovers and spreading it more strongly from K'Lang Adventure.