Journey to the hidden sanctuary

K'Lang Adventure is a journey to discover wonders and preserve values. A place that possesses massive primeval forests and hundreds of precious species - priceless treasures of nature, where there has never been a trace of "invasion". A place that depicts the ancient culture of Cơtu, simple-minded and hospitable people are always proud of their national identity.

Come join us on a journey of a lifetime!

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“Completely-disconnect” from the outside world, immerse yourself in nature through trekking and camping activities in primeval forest. Breathing the cool air,, imbued with the sophistication of the long-standing culture of the Cotu people with the beauty of cuisine, arts and crafts, music and life.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

This season – as the first blossoms of spring spark feelings of joy and renewal - we celebrate the

exceptional natural environments across the globe that K’Lang Adventure calls home.